Isothermal Community College*

Isothermal Community College*
286 ICC Loop Road
Spindale, NC
Driving Directions: 
Take Hwy 321 S. Turn right onto the Hwy 321 Bypass. Proceed to intersection of Hwys 18 & 64. Bear right onto Hwys 18 & 84 and continue to Morganton. Take Hwy 64 (at the stoplight where 18 & 64 separate). Remain on Hwy 64 into the Ruth area. At the intersection of Hwy 74 Bypass, turn left. Proceed approximately 4-5 miles to the entrance of Isothermal CC on the right.
Travel Time to Site from Main Campus: 
Approximately 1 hour, 45 minutes

Parking: No parking permit is required. Faculty and students should park only in authorized, designated areas. Handicap tags are required for vehicles parked in spaces reserved for the handicapped. Do not park in unmarked areas or in spaces designated for fire vehicles, loading, or reserved.

Security: 828-286-3636 Security is located in the Administration building and is available until 4:30 pm.

Conduct Policies: As an Appalachian State University student or faculty member you are subject to all ASU Policies regardless of the location where you receive or deliver ASU course work.  You may also be subject to the policies of the site where ASU classes are held.  Click here to access Student Conduct Policies.  Click here to access the complete Appalachian State University Policy Manual.