Main Campus

You may have a need to register for class/es on the main campus at some point. When that happens you should be aware of some differences associated with having Distance Education as your primary student identity. 

Registration: You will find and register for the main campus class on your own. The Office of Distance Education does not provide information about or registration assistance for main campus classes. 

Tuition and Fees: If you register for a main campus course, you will pay the same tuition and fees as main campus students for that course. Instructional delivery mode (face-to-face, online, etc.) does not determine the applicable tuition/fee rates.  Main Campus tuition and fee rates are published on the Student Accounts website. Students will be charged all of the fees applicable to the main campus credit hours for which they are registered but are unlikely to be registered for the number of main campus credit hours required to be eligible for many campus-based services (e.g., health services, athletic event tickets, etc.).

If you are unsure about whether or not a course is distance ed or main campus, search the Schedule and look in the "Cmp" field.  MC=Main Campus; EX=Distance Ed. 

Switching from Main Campus to Distance Education

If "main campus" is your primary student identity, you may switch to distance education. There are several steps you will need to take:

  • You will need to discuss your intention to switch to distance education with your current academic advisor as well as the program coordinator of the prospective distance education program.
  • If approval is received, you must contact the Office of Distance Education and ask for your campus code to be switched.

Note: Distance Education students wishing to switch to main campus must also follow the same procedure.